Basic Skills Required For Group Discussion

Group Discussion plays an important role to get admission into the esteemed management institutes as well as getting jobs in IT companies, MNCs, core companies etc.  The importance of group discussion is to gauge some predetermined characters of a candidate. Another thing is to find out the raw gems, so then they can be polished off into the rare diamond later.

Many skills are needed to perform well in the group discussion round. But still the communication skill and listening skill plays a dominant role.


The other important skills are:

  • Assertiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Initiating the discussion
  • Reasoning skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Motivational skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Team building skills
  • Analytical/Logical skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Divergent Thinking
  • Clarity over Ambiguity
  • Cooperation skills
  • Attitude and Confidence
  • Subject Knowledge

Apart from the above mentioned skills the moderator or judges will observe some other skills on the candidates like how they behave and interact with the group, how much importance the candidate is giving to the group objective as well as their own thoughts, how well the candidate is listening to other candidate, how open-minded are they in accepting the thoughts and views contrary to their own etc.

1. Communication skill:

The good communication skills are extremely important in today’s competitive world. A good communicator should be able to send as well as received the information from others.

While you are discussing your verbal as well as non-verbal cues will be taken into consideration. The verbal part should display the clarity of your thoughts and views. The aptness of your language also will be noticed by the judges.

The non-verbal part indicates your body language and expression. Many times the individuals may get angry if they do not get a chance to speak or if their viewpoint is not agreed by others. Keep in mind that, the group discussion is not a debate it is just a discussion. So, you should not show your anger by increasing your voice tone, thumping the desk or any similar activity.

2. Listening Skill:

The listening skill is very much important in group discussion. So, one must avoid the interruption with the others while they are speaking. Also, it is necessary to have an eye contact on the speaker. It shows that you are listening their words.

Another advantage of having eye contact with the speaker is you will quickly know when they will stop their speech. And will be easy for you to initiate the discussion again rather others.

The initiated statement, related to the previous speaker discussion will grab the attention of the evaluator and there is a chance to get some good marks in the discussion.

The agreeing and disagreeing or elaborating the previous speaker discussion shows that you are paying attention to what other says. This is really a good quality. Speaking without listening others shows that you will be a bad team player and it is quite difficult to select in that round.

3. Interpersonal skill:

Your interpersonal skill will be reflected while you interact with other members in a short time period. While discussing you must be more people centric rather than self-centric.

Keep in mind that the emotional maturity and balance advertise your interpersonal skill. Just be cool even someone irritates you with personal comment and don’t threaten them. This is what called as emotional maturity.

4. Leadership Skill:

A good leader should lead his team through the jungle of victory. In a group discussion you should reflect your leadership qualities by doing the following things:

  • Acknowledge others point with due credit. Motivate them as well.
  • Give an opportunity to other candidates to speak. Even you do not agree his/her thoughts do not snatch their chance to speak. Instead make notes and clear the points when your turn is coming.
  • Don’t insult anyone and don’t lose your attitude, spirit at any situation.
  • Try to initiate the discussion (only if you have strong knowledge in particular topic) or guide the group especially when the discussion losing its relevancy.

5. Analytical skill:

A good leader should not believe anything madly. He/She must analyze the problem from multiple perspectives, verifies the same and then should take the decision. In the group discussion too, you must:

  • First, analyze the topic and then speak with the relevant statement. Don’t just blabber without making any point.
  • Be open to get opinions from others.
  • When the discussion is coming to an end, just summarize all others points and conclude the same with relevant points.

6. Problem Solving Skill:

Make sure your decision will definitely rectify the problem. While thinking about the solution, don’t fear to think of novel solutions. This is what called as “High Risk High Return Strategy”.

7. Presentation Skill:

Presentation skill is very important while communicating with others. So, then you can create an interest and excitement to others. Even though you have strong subject knowledge without proper presentation of the topic you cannot create the trust as well as enthusiasm among others.

8. Assertiveness and Flexibility:

The candidate should make their point in a convincing manner so then others will get their point. Along they should be flexible to work among others. If anyone makes a better point than you, then you must be flexible to accept it.

9. Initiation:

Initiating the discussion shows that you have strong knowledge in that and also it shows your interest. Meanwhile initiating the discussion will grab the attention of the evaluators and also other candidate. But make sure you are giving only a valuable point as well as relevant point to the topic.

10. Reasoning skill:

In a group discussion, the candidate must speak relevant to the topic. In a short time period, if anyone can analyze the topic or what others have spoken and explain the same then it shows that the reasoning skill of the person is good.

11. Attitude and Confidence:

Besides above, speaking or discussing the points with good attitude and full confidence will definitely benefit you. Just start to speak with smile at everyone (both judges and other candidates).

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