HR Interview Questions And Answers For Fresher’s

The interview is the process of recruiting employees for a concern. In an interview there will be Group discussion, Personal Interview, Human Resources (HR) Interview, etc. So, attend these rounds in an interview some people will get nervous.

HR Question And Answers

If you don’t want to get nervous and would like to successfully attend the interview, then you have to prepare yourself mentally.Here some of the basic interview questions and answers for fresher’s which will really help to attend the interview in the best possible way.

1. Tell me about yourself:

This is one of the simple questions asked routinely in all interviews. So take initiative to attend this question.
Best way to answer this type of question is by using the following methods.

  • Introduce yourself after wishing the Interviewer.
  • Describe your Qualification and where you have studied.
  • Your Family background.
  • Your strength, Role Model and Goal.

2. Why should we hire you?

This type of questions is asked to you to check your confident level. While answering this question, you have to give an impressive response.
You must answer this question by saying your strength and ability. Be strong while answering this question as you have to explore yourself and convey about your goal.

3. Why do you want to work in our company?

You can simply describe about the quality of that company and tell them this will be good opportunity to prove myself. Also tell them that this job will help to increase your self-confidence and skills.

4. What is your Strength?

While answering this question, you can tell about your capacity by exploring your positive attitude.

  • You can answer “I’m a good team worker and I can easily associate with other employee to give 100% to the work assigned to me”.
  • You can also answer “I have a good leadership quality. So, I can easily lead my team for delivering an effective output”.
  • Another way to answer is “I’m a good and hard worker, and I can work under any pressure at any situation”.

5. Tell me the difference between hard work and smart work?

It is one of the most complex questions you have to answer in the interview. Answer this question by giving good examples. Try to give an inspiring answer to this question.
Hard work is the first step to become a smart worker because no one can grow into a smart worker without working hard.

6. Can you work under pressure?

The best way to respond this question is by simply saying “Yes, I can definitely work with any pressure because work lets me to stimulate myself along with providing a good opportunity to prove myself as a good hard worker”.

7. Tell me about your outside interest?

This question is also commonly asked in all the interviews to check your extra-curricular activities and skills. You can respond by saying by following ways.

  • I enjoy playing cricket (football or any other sports you like) which gives me a lot of energy and gives relaxation to my mind.
  • I used to collect stamps, interesting facts from newspaper, etc.

8. How much salary do you expect?

You can say “I expect to get a reasonable salary based on my skills and ability. This is a wonderful platform to share my career and prove myself”.

9. Tell me something about our company?

This is one of the important questions frequently asked in all types of interviews. Before attending the interview, you have to gather some information about that company and answer this question.

10. Do you have any questions for me?

You have to prepare some questions to ask to the interviewer.

For Example:
When can I become a staff of your company?

These are the questions commonly asked in the interviews. So, trained up yourself with the answers provided here and give your best in the interview.


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